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Memari – The Isle Of Seclusion

Memari has nothing to do with rains though ‘mari’ means so in Malayalam. It’s a tiny tribal settlement all surrounded by the woods of Idukki Wildlife sanctuary. The hamlet is headed by Arjunan, who played our host for the two days, we roamed around Memari. The expedition took off from Kizhukanam, the base of all ventures we had in Idukki Wild life Sanctuary. We boarded the 4 wheel drive Jeep, owned by Babu of Kizhukanam, by around 3 in the evening, of a pleasant sunny day. 

       Drive to Memari is impossible while it rains, as the terrain is not that friendly, even to the 4 wheel drives. The initial stretch was a climb to the mountain top adjacent to that hosts Memari. At the top, halted for a while, as the evening sun graciously lighting the Memari hillock, didn’t let us go that easy. 

          The journey then was downhill, initially wading through the grass growth, which gradually gave way to thick foliage. Crossed a rivulet and it went uphill, landing in front of a four pillared …