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Aluvamkudi – Paakkalar : The Jungle Shrine & Silver Line

In my explorations all these years, I've myself noticed remains of establishments deep inside thick woods, like dolmens in interior Palani hills, Mural work on rocky walls of caves inside Marayur sandal reserve, ruins inside Shenduruni wild life sanctuary etc. The jungle shrine of Aaluvamkudi would have been one such. The discovery is credited to a poacher of earlier century, who was up a tree, near a pond, deep in the woods, waiting for game.

                He is said to be objected by a celestial voice, as he was about to open a fire, following which he inspected the premises and found the ruins of this shrine. It was later renovated and now controlled visit is permitted by the Forest department.
           The sector falls under the Vadasserikkara range of Pathanamthitta district and not- that- bad- a track, leads up to Gurunathan Mannu, about 30 km from Vadasserikkara. There is a forest station here and normally entry is restricted beyond the station. The track…