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Aaralam – Meenmutti ; The Riverine Rhapsody

Just as the vehicle stopped by the Forest Inspection Bungalow, what got into me was a well audible gush. Just 50 meters from the IB, Cheenkanni Puzha was celebrating the recent rains in the woods.

            It was a pleasant evening, not for the slight drizzle and we set out to join the celebration. The hanging bridge across the river, though not a safe platform for a crowd, is the best place near the IB, to capture the might of Cheenkanni Puzha. The entire evening was dedicated to her and returned to the IB only after it was dark. 

                After dinner, leaving the ladies and the kids in the safety of the IB, Biju and I ventured out, roaming the premises. Spotted a Sambar deer and a mouse deer on the way, who were happy to pose for us, but the light condition wasn’t favorable for a shoot out. The Forest Watcher with us, urged not to move far away, for fear of an elephant herd, which was scared away by the farmers in the adjoining village – Aralam Farm – the very…