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Umayaar – Beside The Confluence

Umayar is one among the three rivulets that originate deep in the Shenduruney Wild Life Sanctuary, the only one of its kind in Kollam District, which meets the others at the eastern edge of Thenmala Reservoir. The region around this confluence is known after the Umayar River and the Forest department has a camp shed at this serene peninsula. Umayar is accessible either by boat, traversing the entire storage of the reservoir, or by trekking through the woods. We opted the trek and thus we boarded the 4WD vehicle owned by Kunjettan, at Arayankavu Junction, heading Rosemala, a small hamlet by the side of the reservoir, from where the trek was to commence.

               A forest watcher by name Joy, was assigned to guide us and he joined us at the Forest Station at Rosemala. The trek path which was initially wide, soon narrowed, as we crossed a brook and thereafter went along the side of the reservoir, presenting us with scenic shots of the blue stock, bordered by thick wood…