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The Kukkal - Chinnar Episode - 1

It was Raj on the other side.....

        ......of a mail I received on a pleasant day of early March 2011. It was an invitation from an NRI, a valued follower of my blog, a nature enthu, a serious planter and all the more a person of passion in conservation. It was about a neatly planned, 4 day long trek, from Kukkal village, some 35 km from Kodaikanal, to Chinnar, near Marayur of Kerala. Didn't have a second thought on acceptance, and thus Girish, one among the Managers of Raj's properties, found the threesome - Pramod, Biju and the blogger- near Kodaikanal bus stand, waiting for him.

                   He had arranged a vehicle up to Kukkal village and the drive across potholes ended at the village, at about 3.30 PM on 14th April 2011. Day one was to end at the Guest house of Raj's estate in the Kukkal valley, to which, fortunately, there is no road.

Geared for the down hill soon, as we had to reach the shelter before its too dark. Girish, being very familiar with the t…