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Munambam - A day with the fisher folk

This was yet another venture, which was planned many times and dropped at the final moment for various reasons. Mostly it was the reluctance from the fisher folk, in taking freshers to uneasy waters, which retarded the project. On 16th May 2011, while proceeding to Ernakulam, in Himasagar Express, with all thrilling expectations of the expedition, which was to take off by early next morning, from Munambam harbor, my mobile went ringing. It was Sinesh at the other end, the coordinator of the program, with the news that the boat which was to accommodate us, had an engine problem, in deep sea, and it won't reach back in time, for the next day's trip and hence the program is being postponed to 19th. Heavy hearted, cursing myself, alighted at Kottayam railway station, caught a bus and reached back Trivandrum by 2 AM. My wife, at the door, wore a teasing smile and I announced it to her face, that I will make it soon, though least confident.

                 On 19th boa…

Kanjirakolli - The Trekker's Delight

This is an article published in the December edition of 'Destination Kerala'. I have added more pictures in this blog version.

               Kannur district of Kerala is famous for its beautiful beaches. But this one is nothing about the beaches but the hills. As most districts of Kerala do, Kannur too has its own share of the Western ghats, where Kanjirakolli is the dead end.
               Though Kanjirakolly is a low profile destination, the beauty and the potential it hides, should thrill an explorer. Lying about 70 km to the east of Kannur town, this tiny village can either be approached via Thaliparambu or through Iritty. We took the Thaliparamba option, as the roads were in a comparatively better shape. It took less than three hours for a WagonR, to reach up to Kanjirakolli from Kannur town, drove at moderate speed.
             The small village is inhabited mostly by migrants from Central Kerala, who came over to the wooded valley, in the sixties apart from a small …