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Chinnapullu - The Shendurney Summit

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               Though being exploring Shendurni for a while, the summit was a dream, until Dinesh , our DFO friend, finally conceded to our plea. As it came all of a sudden, most of our DLC members, weren’t available and this turned out to be a boon, as the numbers were to be restricted to a maximum of five, owing to the space constraints of the vehicle available. Biju P B, Shanty, Sivaprasad sir, Mathew sir and the blogger were the lucky ones – proved to be more than lucky later -  to find place in the final select list and the five member delegation accompanied by Dinesh, reached Thenmala Forest Range office by 8.30 in the fine morning of 19 March 2011.
          Dinesh introduced us to Mr. Heera Lal, the Range Officer of Chendurney wild life sanctuary, who had already made arrangements for the program. Mr. Asokan, who later turned our saviour, and Mr. Rajan, were the forest staff assigned to guide us, and the 7 member team boarded the four wheel drive vehicle, by…