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Darppakkulam - The Pond Serene

News on this wonder pond, within woods, was in the air for long and the fine morning of 2nd March 2011 was chosen to explore. The pond deep into the woods of Shendurney wild life sanctuary is thought to be the origin of river Uruliyaar, a major source catering to Thenmala reservoir. Shanty was entrusted with the pre - requisites and its worth a mention that he did it well. Click here for location.

                Thus we were off by 5.30 AM, from Thiruvananthapuram towards Madathara - 'we' include Pramod and Sunil apart from the blogger. Shanty joined us at Madathara and together we hit Aaryankavu, by 8.30 AM.

         I was used to having fish curry for break fast, owing to my Malabar connections, and I could force Sunil also into it. Food was that tasty, we packed the same for lunch too. Transferred our back packs to Kunjettan's Jeep, left our car by the track side and went on with the jumpy drive to Rosemala.

       Rose Mala is a small colony, by the side of …