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Muthaliyaar Oothu - The long awaited climb

Saravanan Rethnavel, is a member of Chennai Trekking Club, whom I got acquainted, through my blog. Impressed by my Kodaikanal adventure, through Kadavari, he had took a team from CTC, through the terrain, successfully. Later when I released the post on Sembagathope, he contacted me and then I came to know that he hailed from Srivilliputhur. It was during that trip I came to know about Muthaliyaar Oothu, well inside Sembagathope Grizzled squirrel sanctuary, vaguely pointed out to me, atop a distant towering mount, by Mr. Ponpandian, our guide and care taker, then.

   Months later I was greeted with a message in my inbox. And to my surprise it was an invitation from Saravan, to join their trek team to Mudaliyar Oothu. And he even allowed me to add two or three from my side. Could easily hook Shanty and Sinesh and by 1.30 AM on 12th Feb 2011, I was driving towards Madathara, with Sinesh by my side. Picked Shanty, entered Tamil Nadu through the Aaryankavu pass, went past Rajapalayam …