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Rajathottam - The Ruler's Choice

It all started with a comment on one of my blog posts, which was just a phone number with a request to call back. While I was dialing I wasn't aware that I'm about to tie a bond, which would last pretty long. It was about 5 months back and the man who attended the call was Shantymon Reghunathan - we call him Shanty now. This man appeared to be yet another 'enthu' and he just wanted me to pay a visit to DLCs, some what close to his native. It was just a ten minute chat and it ended on my assurance, that I would think over it.

       Two days later - on 28th of January 2011, Friday, to be exact - met Sinesh, at a wedding ceremony. While on chat, I casually had a mention of the telephonic conversation, and the discussion that pursued ended on a question, which was expected, like "Shall we make it tomorrow?". Next moment I found myself dialing Shanty and then it was Shanty's choice - Rajathottam. (Click here for location)

                         Brand …