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Parambikulam - Oru Komban Kutti : The Tramway Trek

Lemme start with a piece of history. Promise, I wont stretch it too long..

           The city of Cochin is the most developed one in Kerala, today, and all that owes to the harbor, it boasts of. The development of this harbor was through the hands of Maharaja Ramavarma XV, who ruled the state of Cochin from 1895 to 1914. The then state of Cochin was mean in resources, and the only way, the visionary could find, to fund the project, was the exploitation of the immense wealth in the form of Teak and Rosewood, from the highland jungles of Parambikulam and Nelliampathi. Access to these regions was very limited and then came up the need of a transportation system. With the assistance of the British rulers, a tramway was laid between Chalakudi and Parambikulam, which went into regular operation by 1907. The tramway operated restless for the next 40 or so years and I wonder what would have been the majesty of these woods, if not for the 40 years of continuous deforestation. The Aanamalai …